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Below are a few examples of recent scoring projects:

Nightlight DVD Logo



We were asked by the Nightlight's Los Angeles production staff to score audio for the logo which will accompany all of their DVD products. When we presented this demo reel of eight they were so pleased that we are now their first choice scoring studio and have done subsequent work on feature films, documentary, and television pilots.

Red Sky Audio Poetry Project


An in-house, non-profit endeavor to infuse film sequences with poetry, music and spoken word. Short scores, poems, and video sequences will be stored on communal servers accessible to everyone to propagate and edit at will.

The ultimate goal being the creation of a “viral” art form that will encourage spontaneous collaboration while humanizing the internet.

Eason Associates Flash Demo



Eason Associates, an advertising agency based in Washington, D.C. created a Macromedia Flash animation depicting their creative process. We were asked to score audio and effects with “energetic momentum” to help communicate to prospective clients how an idea journeys from concept to fruition.


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